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For many people Sweden is probably most famous for Ikea, Volvo, The Nobel prize and Zlatan Ibrahimović.


Being the largest country in Northern Europe, Sweden has quite a big area for its 10 million population. No matter where you go you are always surrounded by beautiful nature. More than half of the country is covered with forest, the coastline is extensive and there are about 100 000 lakes from north to south. Wide mountain ranges are common in the north while the south part of the country is defined by vast open colorful landscapes.


Sweden’s architecture offers a combination of the old and new. Most cities have preserved the old style and there are lots of castles and historical buildings to visit. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure in the heart of Scandinavia!


Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and well known for its friendly and laid-back atmosphere. Located on the west coast, the city is surrounded by a wide shore of sun-warmed cliffs, tranquil lakes and deep forests. With its light summer evenings and easy access to nature it opens up for exciting activities all day long.


Gothenburg was originally built and planed by Dutch and Germans which is shown by the Amsterdam-style canals running through the city. The port has always been of big importance and it is definitely a maritime city with the surging sea right on the doorstep. The downtown area along the main boulevard Avenyn is bubbling of life all day long and in walking distance from the central parts you reach several unique and charming districts for exciting adventures.


The city is known for its world class seafood, trendy food trucks and wide range of nice restaurants. If you are a foodie you will feel right at home in Gothenburg and we will make sure you find your new favorite places.

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