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Old town San Sebebastian


Except for participating in the games and the social events arranged by the tournament we make sure you get to experience the highlights of San Sebastian. We take you on a funicular up to Monte Igueldo for an amazing panoramic view of the city, show you the remarkable Good Shephard of San Sebastian Cathedral and take you to the best stops in the Old Quarter for out-of-this-world tasty, authentic food.  Ready for some activities on the beach? We take you to Zuriola beach, one of the best surfing spots in the world, for some surfing or soccer beach games.

Donosti La Concha Beach


The Queen of all beaches, La Concha, is defining the city of San Sebastian. Its name, meaning shell, is given upon the stunning shape of the bay and it’s famous for being one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.
The beach is perfectly located in the middle of the city and you can reach the golden sand and clear blue water in just a few minutes from the city hall. As it is surrounded by mountains it is also protected against wind and high waves. This makes the beach perfect for swimming and relaxing. 
Just next to the beach you find amazing houses from the 19th century and a beautiful long promenade with elegant white fence and a spectacular view over the bay. A perfect place for a walk along the coastline.

 Donosti Cup Pintxos


Being a gastronomic heaven, a distinguishing element in San Sebastian is good eating. The city is known for its excellent cuisine and it is home to a lot of Michelin-starred restaurants. The number one must-try though is the Basque-style tapas known as pintxos. It means small wonderful bite-sized pieces of bread topped with a variety of regional specialties and they are usually presented along the bar for you to help yourself. An excellent social way of sharing a relaxed meal together with your friends.

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