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Gothia Cup Opening Ceremony 2023


The Gothia Cup week kicks off with the spectacular Opening Ceremony where more than 50 000 fans celebrate friendship, equality and joy trough the love of soccer. It is the week’s major gathering and everyone is there. Former participants have compared it to an Olympic ceremony and when the crowd cheer or sing together you will definitely feel proud and excited about the rest of the week.

Gothia Cup Soccer Game


During the week about 4 800 games are played on 110 pitches in and around Gothenburg. Kviberg and Kungsbacka Center are the largest game centers but Heden Center, located in the city center, is the heart of Gothia Cup. It is the number one meeting point where you will find the information center, loads of activities and spectator stands by the fields.

Gothia Cup Finals


At the end of the week the exciting finals take place. 14 teams will be celebrated and honored with the Gothia Cup trophy. The finals are played at the Gamla Ullevi stadium and the SKF Arena. Many of the teams who did not reach the final are watching the game in their age category and the winners are often cheered on by more than 10 000 fans. 

Gothia Cup Soccer Team


Boys & girls

B18/G18 – born 1/1-06 or later (11-a-side)
B17/G17 – born 1/1-07 or later (11-a-side)
B16/G16 – born 1/1-08 or later (11-a-side)
B15/G15 – born 1/1-09 or later (11-a-side)
B14/G14 – born 1/1-10 or later (11-a-side)
B13/G13 – born 1/1-11 or later (9-a-side)
B12/G12 – born 1/1-12 or later (7-a-side)
B11/G11 – born 1/1-13 or later (7-a-side)

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